domingo, 1 de julio de 2007

Front and rear horn loaded full-range speaker project

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maxlorenz dijo...

Full-range or extended range speakers have many advantages that earn them a deserved reputation amongst music lovers. I am not an expert speaker builder nor an expert on acoustic theory but I have played with them: I used an Audio Nirvana super 10 FR driver to build a reduced replica (2:3) of the famous Tannoy Autograph enclosure. These corner speakers need a wide room to allow on axis listening at a reasonable distance and feel the very good HF that these drivers bring. The front and rear horn loaded design (bass horn being a folded type) allows for: even better sensitivity, wich makes the sonic presentation more dynamic; good integration between frequencies, the acoustic crossover is not apparent; a huge soundstage with good depth of image; good extended, ample and fast bass response.

There are drawbacks with this 2:3 Autograph replica: I think sub 40Hz bass is a little feble; you must use corners of the room to feel that "Tannoy bass".

So, I am devoting myself to the creation of a front and rear horn loaded fullrange with a diagram derived from the Autograph but that can be used in a different location from the corner. The enclosure will be BIG, but the sound deserves it.
It will look "Kleinhorn-like" but without the big tall horn, because my rear horn will be conceiled on internal foldings ;-)

I made a prototype for a 3.5" FR (actually I'm using a no-brand midrange to stay at low cost). The enclosure now looks ugly but has a magical sound :-)

The idea is designing an enclosure flexible enough to increase or decrease its scale to fit different sizes of transducers. For that I am using autoCAD. I am a complete beginner on it so don't espect much of the schematics :-D

It will also be possible to fit a bigger than projected driver with a little mod, provided that the front horn is increaded accordingly to fit the desired driver on it.

I am seeking help at forums because I need to simulate the bass horn response. In fact, I fear that I will have TOO MUCH BASS. I also want to play with different compresion chamber sizes, different throat sizes and different horn lenghts, to "fine-tune" the frequency response.

For now I am considering an enclosure good for a 6.5 incher...or maybe this same enclosure but with a bigger driver, like an 8" or 10".

I hope you like my effort and feel the need to contribute...